New product launch for a game-changing fire fighting chemical

How we helped Burn Ban support their off-line sales process.


With an industry-changing product, the founders behind Burn Ban needed a complete marketing solution to support their in-person sales team.

What is the best way to describe the product? What product variations should be launched first? What should the product be called?


Wildland fire fighting is a physically exhausting profession. Fires move quickly, threatening homes, wildlife, and people. 

When the founders of Burn Ban developed their new product, they knew they had a safe and green-certified chemical that could make the fight against fires much easier. They just needed to get it in front of the right people.

"There’s never enough water to fight a wildfire, so we created a way to make water work harder by trapping it in a gel form that builds longer-lasting firebreaks."


We started by jumping into how the new chemical worked, why it was a safer and cheaper alternative to what was already on the market, and the problems so many wildland firefighters faced.

This allowed us to create their core messaging to specifically articulate the end benefits to the right target customer. From there, we took this newfound language and create a product name, Burn Ban.
Through our design and website development process, we created a brand new website that allows prospective customers to better understand the product and what it does.