Locally grown, direct-to-consumer flower farm

How we helped Sage Moose launch a subscription website.


Seeing quick growth through a well-curated and maintained an Instagram account, Sage Moose Flower Farm wanted to take their business to the next level.

If they weren’t a traditional florist, what were they? What different products did they sell and how would a customer purchase from them? How do you explain the value difference between traditional and locally-grown flowers?


Creating beautiful things has always been a part of Katie’s life. With a background in landscape design and childhood memories full of her grandmother’s flowers, she knew it was time to pursue her dream of having a flower farm.

With the investment in the land and training complete, she launched her new company exclusively on Instagram. Validating that the interest was there, how could she grow her company faster, using more than just word of mouth advertising?

"The perfect mix of personable and professional, Iron Nettle did the hard technical and strategizing work and made it easy for me to add and adjust as needed. Having them on your team is like having an expert and best friend right in your back pocket."
Katie Stutler, Sage Moose Flower Farm


We started with customer personas to first identify who the target customer was, what she valued, and what problems she faced. Knowing who we were talking to, we created core messaging and expanded messaging that described Sage Moose not only as a place to find farm-fresh flowers, but defined our products and services.

This made the wireframing and design portion of the project simple, where we created pages for each product and service.

Unlike a traditional florist, customers receive a bouquet or arrangement that includes in-season flowers. This is different than a florist, where customers can pick what they want. We helped customers understand this key differentiator by creating a “What We’re Growing” taxonomy, allowing Sage Moose to quickly tag what flower and foliage varieties are being harvested every week. Customers can see what they are ordering and Sage Moose can stay true to their commitment to in-season flowers.

In the end, Sage Moose Flower Farm now has a website that accurately reflects the breadth and depth of their business. They are able to attract brides and businesses for custom arrangements while allowing their weekly market bouquet customers to check-out and manage their subscriptions online.