3 Reasons You Should Use Facebook Ads for Your Business

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Have you considered running Facebook Ads for your business? If not, let's look at three reasons you should start doing it today.

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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebooks Ads are simply a way for us to utilize the power of Facebook’s information to deliver paid ads to specific, targeted audiences.

It can be a highly effective marketing tool for your business if used properly.

Let’s look at 3 reasons you should give it a chance.

Reason #1: Facebook holds all the cards

What does it mean when I say, “Facebook holds all the cards”?

It means Facebook knows more information about you and me than our closest family and friends. When you start to dig deep into the topic, it can actually begin to be a little freaky.

However, for a marketer or for a business wanting to market themselves, it’s a gold mine of information. In a nutshell, the social media giant tracks everything about you, your friends, your likes, your preferences, where you shop, where you go, what you buy, your political affiliation, your religious affiliation, etc., etc. Facebook even collects data on non-users. Yikes!

When we take all this information into consideration, it means you can narrow down your ads to a very precise level. The demographic information alone is worth the price.

What kind of features does Facebook Advertising offer? Here are a few:

  • Interest targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Geographic targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Remarketing
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Lead ads
  • Video ads
  • Engagement ads
  • Lookalike audiences
  • You get the picture…

This just scratches the surface of what’s available to utilize.

Reason #2: Facebook advertising is cheap and fast

Cost can be another huge advantage in regards to Facebook ads. Although not always the case, Facebook Ads are generally cheaper per click than Google Ads. According to Agency Analytics, the average cost per action (CPA) for Facebook ads across all industries is $18.68. This is significantly cheaper than the average CPA in AdWords, which is $48.96 for search and $75.51 for display across all industries.


When it comes to speed, there is no doubt you can see results much faster using paid ads than through traditional means such as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Organic results take time and people often get frustrated waiting for the fruits of their labor. We see it all the time.

Paid advertising can be a good bridge from where you are now to the point where you start seeing organic results. The two actually complement each other very well, when working properly.

Reason #3: People are addicted to Facebook

Let’s face it, there are a lot of registered users on Facebook and those users are very active.

The number of Facebook users who logged in at least once a month in 2019 is estimated to have been 221 million. Out of 221 million, 73% of those users logged in daily.

Statistic: Daily Facebook usage frequency according to users in the United States as of 3rd quarter 2019  | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

If my math is correct, that means 161,330,000 people log into Facebook every single day, with a large portion of them logging in several times a day. That translates into you having the opportunity to put your business or product in front of your customers face on a regular basis.

According to eMarketer, U.S. adult Facebook users spent an average of 38 minutes per day in 2019 on the platform across all devices. While this is down slightly over the previous year, it is still a large amount of time.


To sums things up, the ability to use the vast amounts of information Facebook collects on people is a great opportunity. When you pair that data with cheap cost and high user engagement, you have a win-win combination.

Like anything else, this may sound too good to be true. That could be the case if your ads are not set up properly. Make sure you have a firm grasp on how to use the platform and then get busy putting your business or product in front of people who can benefit from it.

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